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AV Services




Video projection, 3D mapping

Immersive video experience

Being deeply specialised in Projection mappings, we will convert any venue into most immersive video experience. Whether it is a complex industrial landscape, such as buildings, small indoor objects, theatrical stages or the natural environments, such as waterfall or mounting, we will create truly multimedia spectacles on it. Projection mapping images and videos over the buildings' façades or at indoor venues will uniquely highlight the cultural heritage and will leave the unforgettable impression.

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AV technology


Video, Stage light & Sound systems

New Era of AV

Being a professional technical team, G-AV Technologies provides superior and comprehensive event production services for each event, supplying stage lighting, sound systems and video equipment. We do audio visual production, rigging, lighting design and production, video design, led wall & projections supply, photography and videography.

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Professional diplomated engineering

Telecommunications technical engineering

G-AV team is one of the few in the industry, that possess necessary skills to conceive, design, implement and operate products, systems and services in the field of audiovisual systems engineering, in particular acoustics, image, audio, video, multimedia and broadcast. Our engineers are aware of the techniques for the analysis and synthesis of electrical and electronic circuits and digital and analogue communications, digital signal processing, communication systems, electronic equipment and devices and multimedia techniques.

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3D holographic projection

Invisible experiences

Event solutions with 3D holographic projection, retro-projection, hologram mannequins, motion-capture systems or 'ghost' illusions, can be easily integrated to any live performance or show.

G-AV Technology provides for the most recent dynamic systems and technologies to deliver an invisible and unique spectacular experience to every event. 

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TV studios

& broadcasting

Fixed and ad hoc installations

Broadcast system solutions

Acting like is an AV integrator, G-AV

Technologies supply broadcast system solutions and undergo audio visual installations, such as production studios, audio visual control systems, digital signage systems and television studios, educational, professional, corporate and post-production studios. Routing, communication networks and transmission equipment, compression and conversion equipment, server equipment, video streaming and content distribution etc.

We specialise in supplying AV equipment for ad hoc TV shows and programs.

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Expo & show


Turnkey AV solution

Technology for trade shows

We specialise in supplying audio visual technology, such as LED screens, OLED displays, Monitors, Tablets, Touch screens, Transparent screens, LED floor, Projection systems, trussing systems, Lighting equipment as well as Audio PA equipment for all exhibition venues and event halls around the world. We possess the technology for all occasions and budgets. We deliver, install, connect and configure the audiovisual equipment in the shortest time, effectively cooperating with booth builders, designers and the client.

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Show &


Music and show business industry

Complete technical production

We provide a turnkey technical production service for any festival site. The range includes: STRUCTURES & STAGING DESIGN, SIGNAL / POWER & DISTRIBUTION / TECHNICAL PRODUCTION / AV EQUIPMENT SUPPLY. We provide professional video, audio and lighting equipment, as well as complete site technical solutions to music show and festival industry. We supply power infrastructure, like electrogenic groups and power generators, signal distribution and management, site emergency lighting, outdoor and indoor staging, rigging and trussing, as well as the professional sound and lighting systems. 

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Permanent original installations

Integrated AV concepts

Our crew of audiovisual professionals will deliver the permanent installation suitable for any venue or site, both Indoor or Outdoor environments. Regardless of whether we are working on a restaurant or club, theatre facade or cruise ship, we will do a technical location first, think outside the box to offer the most creative, original and unique solution for every installation, deploying various AV equipment: LED mesh, LED curtain, Transparent display solutions, curved displays, LED ceiling and LED floor, 3D projection mappings and lighting installation. We will equip any custom space with fully functionality and tailored uniqueness. The areas of application: HORECA & HOSPITALITY, SOCIO-CULTURAL AREAS, RESIDENTIAL GOVERNMENT, HEALTHCARE, EDUCATION, HOUSE OF WORSHIP,  TRANSPORTATION, ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN

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World leading audio visual technology

AV design and consulancy

G-AV Technologies team is an AV systems experts with over 20 years of experience in consulting, designing, supplying and installing of audiovisual equipment. Audiovisual communication is essential at the first stage of project designing. We analyse and design systems that accommodate all technological requirements. Moreover, based on our expertise, we develop fully integrated systems and share expert insights of AV solutions available in the market. 

We carefully do a technical analysis of the project and supply full AV system drawings, with a detailed breakdown of all the equipment to be supplied as well as a complete estimate on the engineering and production costs. 

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Visual story and cultural heritage

World expert experience

G-AV Technologies is a European leader in technically bringing cultural events into live. Nowadays, AV technology is essential for the world of culture and entertainment. We have successfully implemented more than 5000 cultural events and projects, supplying audiovisual equipment and providing a complete technical direction. One of the greatest challenges of creating an immersive and memorable visual story is to integrate the best AV solutions. For such an events it is crucial to achieve an outstanding visual effect. That's why at G-AV Technologies we always rely on the best technologies, supplying Panasonic video projectors.

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Audiovisual System Integration 

Sports facilities

We help sports organisations and venues to choose and implement, as well as operate the best audiovisual infrastructure for their facilities. We offer unified communications services, systems design, and system installation. System integration aims at integrate audio, lighting, video, cameras, customer user interfaces, digital signage, conferencing, and controls systems. Each of these elements shall be brought together in one network to allow a smooth and proper operation of the show. 

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Outdoor visual installations

Media facade systems

Media facade systems can transform building facades into digital media walls to display complex graphics, commercials and videos. The technology of LED mesh, LED Pixels, LED Tubes and LED Strips allows architects to design digitally interactive architecture, being completely integrated into the architectural facade. Light weight, flexible form and over 15 years of durability allows to create two- and three-dimensional video displays of any size, shape or structure. G-AV Technologies as an AV integrator is dealing with the turnkey media facade supply, the range of services includes choosing the technology suitable for the project, drawings preparation, supplying the technology, installation and control system management. 

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Immersive dome experiences

360° projection technology

G-AV Technologies supplies complete fulldome media systems of different types and sizes for immersive group virtual reality experiences. The projection mapping can be done in geodesic or inflatable projection domes. Full come projection mapping technology is widely used for theaters, circuses, corporate events, exhibitions and fairs, planetariums, cinemas and so on. The projection domes are available for both indoor and outdoor permanent or temporary installations. Geodesic domes typically are from 3m up to 27m in diameter. The inflatable immersive domes typically in sizes from 27m up to 122m diameter. To assure the seamless and bright 360 degrees image we use the Panasonic video projectors technology as well as powerful media servers.

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Special effects

Real effects, AR, VR and XR


SFX: Laser show, hologram, 3D projections, physical wind, rain, spark, fog, haze, snow, clouds, confetti, etc. VFX: Extended Reality (XR), Augmented reality (AR), augmented games, virtual environments and 3D simulation).

Extended reality (xR) is technology that allows to blend virtual and physical worlds together using AR (Augmented reality) and MR (Mixed Reality) in live production environments to create immersive and truly technologically advanced experiences.

We regularly trace the newest technological updates and will offer you the most creative solutions.

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